Pack Out, Cleaning, and Pack Back of Contents

The first step in this process is to do a thorough evaluation of the contents. This includes visual inspection for damages from water damage, soot damage from fire, or possibly mold damage, this step includes the property owner to help determine if a particular item is non-salvageable or the item can be restored at a reasonable cost. Some items may be deemed unrestorable.

The next step is to wrap, pack, inventory each and every item that is deemed restorable. We will also assist in documenting any items that are deemed non-salvageable and creating a list of these contents. We use boxes, shrink wrap, furniture pads, bubble wrap, and tape during this process. In addition, during this process all restorable and non-restorable contents are separated and pre-pared to be moved offsite for restoring, cleaning, and storing during the remediation and rebuild of the property. Pictures and further documentation will be done at this time up to and including testing on contents to determine type of mold present, category of water, type of soot from fire, etc.

The next step, all contents are ready to be moved offsite where they will be cleaned, sanitized and treated for the type of loss the property suffered. This will be done using antimicrobials, biocides, degreaser or which ever cleaning solutions are best suited for the type of damage. Once all items are restored, they will be placed in new boxes, and stored in a clean room.

Note: Encompass MCG will pay for the first month storage.  After the first month of storage the property owner will be responsible unless an agreement with the property owner and/or insurance company is reached.

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The job that Encompass did for me was a life saver. They handled everything, including the insurance adjuster, who was trying to low ball me. Thank you Mr. Dahn for being there when I needed you most and doing an outstanding job.

William James Bright

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