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This service includes water removal from broken or frozen pipes, hot water heater, supply line failure to extreme circumstances such as flood damages from Natural Disasters. EMCG is always available 24/7/365 to assist you in your time of need.  We have a core group of restoration professionals ready to dispatch to your property and begin assessing the situation. Once our initial moisture assessment is complete, we will walk with the property owner or assigned contact for the job through the proposed scope of work. At this time after conducting the walk through with the client, we will begin the documentation process to ensure that all local, federal, and state guidelines are being followed and documented from the first moment that EMCG begins the water restoration process  to documenting the water loss in terms that insurance companies have come to expect should the client decide to file a claim. This documentation will include moisture maps of all affected areas, photographs of the moisture detection devices showing readings daily and all equipment per room, even thermal IR photographs. In addition, we will perform dehumidifier and air mover calculations per room using the IICRC S500 as our industry guideline.

If you are in need of emergency water restoration and or a free moisture assessment please call the group that other professionals call. Encompass Mitigation and Contracting Group at 407-232-5431.

Why immediate action is required for Water Damages?

When dealing with a water damage an immediate response is vital for many reasons:

To prevent further damages to the structure. The longer water sits in a property, the more likely additional damages will occur to the structure. In some cases, this could create an unsafe environment in the property. A few examples of this are sagging ceilings, electrical outlets, lights, and wiring that may have been affected due to water loss. Another example is the potential for growth.  In most of the South, mold can begin to grow within 48 hours of the water damage if the water is not properly removed and a treatment plan is put in place immediately. A treatment plan will be discussed when the initial moisture assessment is done at the property.

There are three different categories of water. A brief description of each category of water is detailed below for your education. Depending on the category of water, a different restoration plan is put into place to ensure that the property is safe for all inhabitants.

The category of water will be determined using a multitude of job site knowledge from our professionals and the IICRC S500 manual as a reference while completing your moisture assessment.

The final reason is, should you, the client, decide to file an insurance claim regarding the damages there is typically a time limit from the time you noticed the damages to the time you file a claim. Each state is different when it comes to the amount of time allotted between the time you notice the damages and the time you file the claim. Based on our knowledge in most cases there is a 14-day time frame before the insurance company will consider neglect by the property owner for any additional damages caused by not reacting quickly enough to the damages. However, EMCG, highly recommends each client review their individual policy to ensure that they stay within compliance for coverages.  Our trained professionals will assist you with this. However, while EMCG professionals are highly versed in insurance restoration projects, we are not licensed insurance adjusters or agents and cannot direct or dictate coverages within your insurance policy.

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The job that Encompass did for me was a life saver. They handled everything, including the insurance adjuster, who was trying to low ball me. Thank you Mr. Dahn for being there when I needed you most and doing an outstanding job.

William James Bright

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