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Mold is found everywhere and can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. They reproduce by spores, which are carried by air currents. When spores land on a moist surface suitable for life, they begin to grow.  Mold can spread throughout a property in as little as 48-72 hours and can produce allergens and irritants that have the potential to cause health issues. Black mold can kill; if you’re exposed for long enough, black mold spores can shut down your organs, incapacitate your immune system, and damage your brain—resulting in death. That’s when EMCG is the best choice to perform mold removal, remediation, abatement or mitigation. Professional mold removal is a careful, step-by-step process involving the use of specialized equipment and cleaning agents.  There are many details involved in doing this process correctly. But the overall process can be broken down into some general steps, as follows:

Contain the work area to prevent cross-contamination of mold spores to non-affected areas of the building.
HEPA Air Scrubbing
Clean the air using commercial-grade and industrial-strength air scrubbing machines. These machines use what are known as HEPA filters, which are designed to capture 99.97% of all airborne and microscopic mold spores which pass through regular filters but not our HEPA filters. This process helps to improve air quality in the room(s) where the air scrubbers are placed and prevent mold spores from circulating to other rooms.
Selective Demo
Carefully remove the negatively impacted building materials. Focus is on controlled demo and removal in order to prevent kicking and stirring up additional mold spores as much as possible.
HEPA Vacuum
Vacuum the contaminated area using what are known as HEPA filters, which are designed to capture 99.97% of all airborne and microscopic mold spores which pass through the filters.
Antimicrobial Cleaning
Clean the contaminated area with hospital-grade antimicrobial cleaning agents to kill mold growth.
Final HEPA Vacuuming & Clean-Up of Work Area
The final step involves HEPA vacuuming and performing an antimicrobial wipe-down on surfaces where mold spores may have settled within the work area. Once the job has been double-checked for quality, containment is taken down and the customer has been informed of a successful remediation. Our professional assessors are available 24/7 and will effectively assess your property. Our technicians are IICRC certified and are trained with an emphasis on monitoring and documenting throughout the entire process until completion. We are proud to have a group of professionals, ready for you in your time of need. We're kind, courteous and passionate about turning bad situations into positive experiences for our property owners.